Added January 12th

Jonathan and Hadley toast the New Year.

Rory, Ainsley, Benny, Sean, Adam, and Jay
 enjoy the festivities too.

It only takes a couple of inches of snow
to amuse our boys (see video!).

Benny knows that with the right gear, you can
play outside for as long as your bladder allows.

Brotherly love in the comfy chair at Zehnders.

Jonny enjoys mom's iPod Touch and
some yummy food at Korea House.

Benny says there's nothing like gingerbread
waffles to help you enjoy a snow day.

Jonathan enjoys the full waffle experience.

At the MSU women's basketball game, Benny
breaks two rules (eating outside food,
and wearing gear from an outside school).

Jonny shows off his hand-colored Sparty mask.

Jonny's all set with his tattoo, his popcorn,
and his hot dog. Go State!