Fall 2010

 What little boy doesn't like entrails?

Their smiles can both light up a room.

Two more winning smiles.

If you really like to eat, it shows.

When the Diabetes Walk is at the
zoo, you meet some interesting creatures.

Fearless Benny

Jonny gets up close and personal
with a tiger.

Nothing like paintin' pumpkins at
the EL farmers' market.

Benny shows Di Tang how it's

Three guys at Five Guys.

Apple picking with Di.

Spider Boy and Calvin Johnson sit
amongst the hay.

Can you tell they are brothers?

Bumblebee and Iron Man.

Boo at the Zoo!

Jonny liked this scare-cow.

Rather than fix the date on the camera, let's carve
more pumpkins!

It's a two-thumb job, folks.

Benny was worried about getting
pumpkin goo on his shirt.

Some of the aforementioned pumpkin goo.

The boys are even more excited than usual
to go to Dad's office.

They aren't shy about asking for candy.

The boys make out like bandits trick
or treating at the Law College.

There's Bumblebee again!

Jonny waits patiently for Benny and the
rest of the Marble Halloween paraders.

Jonny was glad to see Benny,
but also liked the Death Star.

Jonny visits Benny's class.

Mrs. Anderson's motley crew

Leaf fight!

It's leaf-tastic!

Hadley leads the boys in some leaf sledding.

 Jonny loves to play.

Jonny and the Big 0-4.

Jolly li'l guy, isn't he?

Can you believe he's already 4?

Giddyup, Jonny and Hadley!

Jonny loves his pony ride.