Walt Disney World

Road food, Florida style.

 Jonny tries the gator.

Benny actually tries the gator (they both liked it).

Benny, Jonny, and Freddie and JJ Greenfield
cavort amongst the marine life.

Forget Nemo, let's find Jonny!

Silly boys I

Silly boys II

Dinner with our hero.

Jonny practices his new hobby: spoiling pictures.

Dale (red nose, two teeth) and Nana
show Jonny how it's done.

Pluto and the boys act a little "goofy" (see
what I did there?).

Benny draws a nice picture for his pal Chip.

Here's Chip (darker nose, one tooth).

Our sponsors.

Three Kalts at Epcot.

He's got the whole dome in his hands.

Playing at the hotel playground.

When home is 50 degrees colder, the boys can't
resist taking a dip.

Handsome lad I

Handsome lad II

Benny isn't a very good liar either, for what
it's worth.

Capering with Buzz Lightyear and the boys.

Benny is the perfect age for Disney World--he
can enjoy everything.

Jonny Hook and Scary Pirate JJ enjoy the parade.

Captain Hook greets his cohorts.

This rainbow about sums it up!

Dinner with Winnie the Pooh and friends. First
up, Eeyore!

Let's hope Piglet doesn't notice what Zada is
eating for dinner.

Lotso mauls Jonny.

An audience with the boss himself.

Waiting for lunch is fun when you're with Zada.

Three Kalts at Disney's Animal Kingdom

The boys try their hands at goat brushing.

Benny and his cousins show Rafiki how they eat

Mom, Dad, and Jonny check out the scary
dinosaur while Benny seeks cover.

Fun at the Animal Kingdom, in the shadow of

Jonny gets done up like a pirate.

Benny the dinosaur.

Two scary guys.

Half-removed dinosaur = zombie.

The happiest place on Earth.

Hoop Dee Doo!

More fun at the hotel.

Yummy brunch with Chef Mickey.

Mickey . . .

 . . . getting ducky with Donald . . .

 . . . and getting goofy with Goofy.

Fun waffles (and tasty too!).

Jonny enjoys a Disney blintz.

And one more photo for Jonny to opt out of

Visiting Buck Kovensky in Savannah, on the way

Benny chills out with Cousins Alex and Penny,
and Aunt Sarah.

Jonny has fun with Cousin Hannah.