New York Trip

Benny makes some sketches on the subway.

With help from Grandma, the boys blend right in.

"Lady Liberty," as Benny kept calling her.

The boys and Lady Liberty don't always see eye to eye.

Jonny was a bit camera shy that day.

Benny takes a Moose ride. Jonny
contents himself with the couch.

Ol' Green Eyes shares some coconut water
with cousin Jennifer Sperber.

Jonny enjoys counting and Zada enjoys
contemplating Jonny's belly. . .

. . . and they both have the same thought: infinity!

Benny loves brunch.

The boys loved the Natural History museum,
 as the next several pictures demonstrate.

The boys enjoy the comfort of a big bivalve,
with new friend Noah Goodman.

Later, Noah and the boys had a
nice dinner in Chinatown.

Jonny shows those Long Island kids how it's done.

Go Benny!

Jonny, not to be outdone.

Grandma lends a hand.

"Who is this 'B' of whom you speak?"

The boys make themselves comfortable.

Riding the LIRR can really wear a kid out.

Enjoying a traditional NY snack (Benny:
"Oy, this hot dog is so good I could plotz.")

Don't tell Zada, but Jonny likes
ketchup on his hot dogs.

Jonny has a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi.

Benny enjoys the view from the 86th floor
of the Empire State Building.

Mommy and Daddy reenact their first date,
 with a little help from their little postscripts.

Jonny enjoys the "Woody Allen"
sandwich at the Carnegie Deli.

Compare 19-month-old Benny's more
moderate Carnegie Deli turkey sandwich.

Benny can't believe he ate the whole thing.