Added May 31st

Jonny is the king of the jungle.

Benny has fun at the zoo with
school chum Catherine Hardigan.

Benny can mow the lawn, actually, as
long as Jonny is not in front of him.

Jonny fills out a 42-month assessment
for his job at the medical school, which
apparently includes drawing happy bean people.

Fun with Daddy at the East Lansing Art Festival.

Fun with shaving cream art.

Just add some color.

Ben gets into the act.

As messes go, this one is pretty easy to clean up.

Tee ball season is here!

Ah, the sounds of summer. The crack of
the bat hitting the tee, the dribble of the ball...

Jonny admires his brother
and fellow "boy of summer."

"Maybe I'll play tee ball someday too!"

Jonny has fun at his last gymnastics class.

He didn't exactly stick the landing.

"Me and Hadley wanted to be trapped."