Trips To Baltimore And Israel

Jonny is excited about flying to Baltimore.

Benny is on more of an even keel.

The trip was long, the luggage
soft--sleep was inevitable.

Benny pauses to enjoy a nap and a
Fanta in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

Our international traveling boy.

Benny tries out the cool control
thingy at the Arc de Triomphe.

Benny sings La Marseillaise at the Arc (not really).

Benny tests a Euro-chain for strength.

Hunting for ice cream, Benny
finds a motorcycle instead.

Benny enjoys cars of all shapes and sizes.

Benny found some ice cream
and also his plane to Israel.

Now in Israel, Benny checks
out some cool RC cars.

Benny speaks the international language of cars.

So transfixed is he by the cars, Benny
doesn't even realize there is no seat beneath him.

At Doda Ibrah's wedding, Benny
finds fast friends in the Boxer boys.

Mommy and Uncle Seth enjoy a trip to the
Old City while Benny sulks in the hotel
(thanks, Grandma, for staying with him).

On a bus in Jerusalem.

Benny also speaks the international
language of monster trucks.

Benny and the loquat tree.

Nothing like falafel in the Middle East.

With eggplant and french fries.

He loved the lottery machine...

...and his big ice cream...

...and the whack-a-mole.

Benny is ready for his flight home and
a long sleep on it (it didn't happen).