Added June 12th

Jonny isn't too old to enjoy a good horsie ride at Meijer.

The boys join Dad on a pilgrimage
to their ancestral restaurant.


Fun at the Detroit Science Center.

Jonny shows off his face paint
from the Marble Carnival.

Benny tends goal in his last
soccer game of the season.

The boys and Di have fun at
the East Lansing Art Festival.

Jonny makes some art of his own.

Jonny concentrates hard as Hadley looks on.

Benny joins in the fun.

A Benny bunny.

Jonny is a daring adventurer.

And an avid story-listener.

Benny learned to ride his bike sans
training wheels in just a day with his Gyro Wheel.

Jonny shows off the slime he made at the Art Fair.

"Can you really not nail this to a tree?"