Added June 22nd

The boys check out the Memorial Day parade
by the State Capitol, with the Lumanog girls.

The kids love the parade. Daddy too!

"Open up! My taxes pay for this Capitol building!"

Jonny cavorts with Hadley
amongst the capitol conifers.

Ainsley and Benny climb a tree.

Ben always enjoys a meal at Zehnder's.

Benny gets a haircut (see later
 links for "after" shots).

Jonny before.

Jonny after. He looks so mature
with short hair--he could pass for 4.

"I'm widing this hossy to New York City."

Benny enjoys playing catcher in his tee ball league.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff admire Ben and his
 dad's 5th grade floor-hockey shirt.

Jonny meets some li'l piggies.

Here piggy piggies!

Benny shows off his dog-paddle noodling skills.

The boys and Simon "The Chipmunk" Seville
cuddle up for some hard-earned TV time.