Goodbye Grandma, Hello Pittsburgh Zoo!

Jonny and Benny (r) pose
with Libat and Grandma (l).

Jonny tells Benny all about the Komodo "Dwagon."

Benny among the termites.

Apparently riding a wildcat
isn't all it's cracked up to be.

The boys have some hands-on elephant training.

Jonathan explores, map in hand.

Wow! Look at that!

Jonny! How did you get in the stingray tent?

Oh! I see!

Benny reaches out to his new ray friend.

This tank is bigger than the
 one with goldfish at Meijer.

Separated at birth?


Some caprine capering.

Did the goat sneeze?
No, just some fun at the misting station.

They're soaked!

Jonny screws around.

This couldn't not be fun.