Fun at the Cleveland Science Center

The Cleveland Science Center has a nice
view of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

It's sphere-tastic!

Benny builds a nice tower...

...with an awesome central spire.

Jonny concentrates on the ball pit.

So much to do!

Teaching fake pigs to swim is serious business.

We'll begin with Policeman
Benny and Firefighter Jonny.

First, make sure that your costumes are OK.

Firefighter Jonny is feeling faint.

Now Jonny is a dying policeman, and
Benny is the EMT coming to his rescue.

Now Benny is a chef.

Benny's turn to die, Jonny's turn to help.

And Jonny's turn to be the chef.

The boys finish up with some
 computerized teamwork.