Labor Day weekend

Off to see the band, with special guest Bitsy II.

Jonny misses a key block, allowing
linebacker Matthew Lathom to make the tackle.

The boys get ready for the next play.

Finally, the boys get to run around
and be crazy in a socially sanctioned manner.

See last caption.

Jonny: "Do I look like a DJ?"

Dad and Ben head to Maya and
Ziad's pre-wedding entertainment.

When our boys see mallets, they take mallets.

The boys participate in a monkey and
alligator puppet song extravaganza.

Benny gets creative with the Bendaroos.

Jonny and his alien Bendaroo costume.

Jonny, trying to look innocent.

A classic summer shot.

Mommy and Jonny had a lot of fun!

Maya and Ziad's "clown car" desserts
from Roma for the kids were a hit.

One perq of a wedding at the Arb:
plenty of space for Benny to spread out his Legos.