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Post Xmas
Holidays 2009
From Debbie Walton
A Series of Short Videos
Downloads From Benny's Camera
Hanukkah 2009
Benny at Tae Kwondo
Added December 15th
Added November 29th
Jonny's Birthday, Part 2
Jonny's Birthday
Added October 30th
Benny and Jonny's First Day At School
More Fun With The Kalt Brothers
Keeping Up With The Kalts
A Short Video
Added September 1st
Uncle Moose and Aunt Brenda Visit
Added August 15th
Museum Hopping
Kalamazoo Air Zoo and DIA
Mackinaw City
Sleeping Bear Dunes
Added July 24th, Part 2
Added July 24th, Part 1
Added June 29th
Touch A Truck
Binder Park Zoo
Added June 18th
Strawberry Picking
Benny Graduates From Nursery School
Added May 31st
Fun Times
A Trip To Holland
Added May 20th
Added May 5th
Small Animal Day 2009
Added April 17th
Benny Turns Five
Frankenmuth With Nana And Zada
St. Patrick's Day 2009
Added March 14th
Added March 5th
Added February 21st
Does Benny Look Like Brian?
Benny the Photographer
Things in the Guest Room, A Photo Essay by Benjamin Kalt
Assorted Old Pictures
Jonny Tries On A Disguise
Added December 31st
Added December 23rd
Chanukah 5769
Added December 14th
The Boys Build A Snowman
Added December 3rd
Added November 28th
Thanksgiving 2008
Trip To Ann Arbor
Jonny Turns 2, Part II
Jonny Turns 2
Grandma Visits
Fun Around Town
Added November 2nd
Pumpkin Carving
Raking Leaves
Miscellaneous Pictures
Boo At The Zoo
The Kalt and Walton Kids Visit the Woods
Added October 22nd
2008 Diabetes Walk
Pumpkin Patch
A Trip To The Farm
Added October 13th
Jonny And The Sukkah
Photo Session at MSU Gardens
Added October 7th
Still More Apple Picking And A Visit With Grammy
Added September 23rd
Apple Picking With The Dunns
Benny And Dad Go To A U of M Game
Apple Picking
Added August 26th
A Day Out With Thomas
Touch a Truck
Great Lakes Folk Festival
Chang Won "Bryan" Park Visits
Added August 7th
Jonny Makes A Mess
Benny Helps Grandma With A Cake
Maryland Science Museum
Visit With Nellie
International Festival
Maryland Zoo
Great Wolf Lodge
More Pictures From Columbia
Sara and the Boys Visit Columbia
Jonny at 20 Months
Summer Camp
The Boys Learn About Metamorphosis
Added July 11th
Added June 25th
Last Day Of The Trip (Chicago)
Day 3 in Milwaukee
Day 2 in Milwaukee
A Trip To Milwaukee
A Visit With Cedar Smolash
Added June 10th
My Name Is Jonny
Added June 7th
Michigan's West Coast
Added May 30th
Added May 15th (Jonny is 18 Months)
Frankenmuth With Uncle Moose and Aunt Brenda
Added April 29th
Added April 20th
Added April 13th
Added April 9th
Annie Walton's Birthday
Benny's 4th Birthday, Part ll
Benny's 4th Birthday
Purim Carnival, Part ll
Purim Carnival
Added March 25th
Jonny at 16 Months
Added March 11th
Added March 1st
Benny's Pirate Story
Added February 21st, Part 3
Added February 21st, Part 2
Added February 21st, Part 1
Added February 18th
Final Pictures From Ottawa
Canada Museum of Nature
Poutine at the Grinhauses'
Canada Aviation Museum
Canada Museum of Science and Technology
Canada Museum of Civilization
January 16th, Part II
Added January 16th
Even More Fun In Ottawa
More Fun In Ottawa
Fun In Ottawa
Fun At Home
December 30th, Part II
Added December 30th
Making Challah At KI
Grandma Visits
Added December 23rd
Part II
Part III
Added December 22nd
Fox-Longs' Dinner
Thanksgiving 2007
Uncle Skippy Visits
Added November 18th
Jonny's First Birthday
Halloween 2007
Leaves and Such, Part II
Leaves and Such
A Visit To Castaway Cafe
Halloween Preparations
Truck Or Treat
The Boys Visit WKAR-TV
Jonny and Sara on TV
2007 Diabetes Walk
Jonny Gets A Bath
Jonny At 11 Months
Benny Turns 3.5
Added October 9th
Added September 29th
Added September 17th
Rosh Hashana 5768
Jonny Turns 10 Months
Added September 15th
Impression 5 Hands On Museum
A Visit With Thomas the Train
A Visit With Isaac Dunn
The Kalt-Greenfield Summit
Added August 25th
Jonny at 9 Months
Jonny and Ben Go East, Part 7
Jonny and Ben Go East, Part Shesh
Jonny and Ben Go East, Part Finif
Jonny and Ben Go East, Part Four
Jonny and Ben Go East, Part III
Jonny and Ben Go East, Part Deux
Jonny and Ben Go East
Added July 20th
8 Months
Added July 4th
Added June 26th
Added June 21st
Added June 19th
Jonny Turns 7 Months
Added June 10th
Added June 3rd
Added June 2nd
Brian's Visit to Yellowstone
East Lansing Art Festival
Jonny's New Britches and C.J. Box
Jonny Eats Squash
Added May 12th
Added May 8th
Added May 4th
Added April 22nd
The Boys Visit Grammy
Benny's 3rd Birthday
Added April 15th
Ben at 3 and Jonny at 5 Months
Added April 14th
Added April 8th
Added April 1st
Added March 25th
Added March 17th
Jonny at 4 Months
Jonny's First Trip to Maryland, Part II
Jonny's First Trip to Maryland
Added March 5th
Added February 19th
Added February 6th
12 Weeks
Added February3rd
Added January 30th
10 Weeks
8 Weeks
Added January 4th
Jonny's First Visit To Frankenmuth
6 Weeks/Ben's New Truck
Added December 22nd
Chanukah 5767
One Month/32 Months
Ben's Gym Class
Added December 7th
Added December 6th
Taken Nov 16th - 19th
Added November 15th
Jon's Brit
Grammy's 90th Birthday Brunch
Jon Meets Nana and Zada
More Movies
Jon comes home
Jon Meets Ben
Birth Center Pictures
First Pictures of Jon
Added November 8th
Additional Halloween Pictures
Halloween 2006
Added October 23rd
30 Months
Apple Picking With The Arnold Boys
Diabetes Walk 2006
Lunch With Yi-Chun
Ben goes to School
Ben Goes Back to Maryland
Ben goes to Krispy Kreme
Added September 10th
Added September 5th
Ben's Parking Garage
Ring Around the Rosie
Lugnuts Game
Folk Festival
Added August 13th
Added August 6th
Added July 28th
Added July 13th
Added June 7th
Jonah Candeub's B'day Party
Ben and Elizabeth Keep Cool
A Trip to Louisville
Added June 1st
Added May 24th
Ben Drives A Porsche
Added May 23rd
Added May 5th
Added April 26th
Passover 5766
Added April 18th
Potter Park Zoo
2 Years Old
Add'l 2nd B'day
Ben's 2nd 2nd B'day
Added March 28th
Ben's 1st 2nd B'day
Added March 14th
Added March 1st
Added Feb 10th
22 Months
Added February 1st
Ben Goes To The Fire Station
Added January 11
Added December 24th
Added December 19th
Added December 12th
20 Months
Watch Ben Grow
Thanksgiving 2005
Benny Goes Bowling
Go Blue
Added November 19th
Elizabeth Visits
Ben Visits The Twins
Added November 5th
NYC and Halloween
Second Haircut
Added October 27th
A Pre-Halloween Party
Ben Has Lunch At MSU
A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch
Added October 11th
Diabetes Walk
Ben Spends Rosh Hashana in Maryland
Ben and Helen Go Driving
Added September 19th
Brady Meets Ben
Added September 2nd
Visit to Savannah
Added August 30th
Ben and Libat Visit Campus
Added August 24th
Visitors From Israel
Ben's Frog
More Added August 10th
Added August 10th
Added August 8th
16 Months
Dallas Visit
Ben Discovers Eggs
Ben Tries Out The Pool
Ben Goes To The Zoo
Birth Center Reunion
Ben and Helen Shop Menards
Ben Makes The Team
A Visit "Up North"
A Visit To Balmer II
A Visit To Balmer
A Visit To The Park
Added June 6th
14 Months Old
Added June 2nd
Ben Finds His Pockets
Added May 17th
Ben Visits Grandma at School
Added May 15th
Added May 10th
Ben's First Haircut
Added May 1st
Added April 23rd
A Visit To The Vet School
Ben Goes To Library
Ben Goes To The Park
Ben's Second First Birthday
One Year Old
Ben Visits Canada, Part 2
Ben Visits Canada
A Snowy Day
Added March 2nd
February 15th
Ben Has Two New Teeth
Ben Gets a Job
February 2nd
January 31st
10 Months
January 28nd
January 22nd
January 19th
San Francisco II
San Francisco
New Years 2005
9 Months, Part B
9 Months
Recent Video
Ben Discovers Chicken
December 20th
December 18th
December 14th
December 10th
December 5th
8 Months
Nov 28th-II
Nov 28th
Nov 20th
Nov 14th
Nov 8th
7 Months
Nov 2nd
Oct 29th
Oct 20th
Oct 19th
Oct 12th
Oct 7th
Succot 5765
Oct 3rd
6 Months
Oy, More Pictures
More Maryland Pictures
Ben's Second trip to Maryland
Ben Visits Great Grandpa Jamie
Apple Picking
Added September 12th
Added September 9th
Ben Meets the Ladles (sic)
Ben Goes to a Wedding
Ben's First Plane Ride
5 months
Added August 30th
Added August 4th, Part 2
Added August 4th
Ben and Sara on TV
2d Class Reunion
4 Months
Added July 29th
Added July 25th
Trip to Maryland, Part 4
Trip to Maryland, Part 3
Trip to Maryland, Part 2
Ben's trip to Maryland
Added July 13th
12 Weeks
Added June 20th
10 Weeks
Taken May 26th
Ben Goes to Frankenmuth
Ben and Helen Fortin
Added Added May 15th
Video Shot By Uncle Moose
Pidyon Haben, Part 2
Pidyon Haben, Part I
Added April 29th
More Shower Pictures
Baby Shower
Added April 13th
First Bath, Cont'd
Ben's First Bath
Bris Pictures, Part 3
Bris Pictures, Part 2
Ben's Bris
Ongoing Adventures
Ben Comes Home
Video from the Hospital
Hospital Pictures