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Danny and His Rings new
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Danny Attacks A Chicken Bone new
A Few More Pictures Of Danny new
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More Pictures
Danny At 10 Weeks
Thanksgiving 2012
Maryland Trip
Summer Fun II
Grand Hotel 2012
Summer Fun I
Michigan Mile
Jonny's Nursery School Dancing
Marble Muskrats
A Ride On The Bus
Jonny, The Non-Jock
Jonny's Nursery School Graduation
Dogs, Sidewalks, and Fishing
Late Winter Fun
Benny's Cub Scout Trip to Chicago
The Li'l Entrepeneurs
Sledding Fun with Freddie and JJ
Cub Scouts Go To Home Depot
Surprise Stay At The Kalahari Resort
Pittsburgh Childrens Museum
College Park Aviation Museum
Misc. Baltimore Pictures
Thanksgiving Day 2011
End of November 2011 Pictures
Jonny and His School Friends
Jonny's Birthday Fun
More End of Year Pictures
A Visit To Professor Bean's Office
Up North, Pt. III
Up North, Pt. II
Up North, Pt. I
Tennis Lessons
Wiggles, Again
Swim Team Banquet
Summer Fun
Jonny At School
Trips To Baltimore And Israel
Added June 12th
Benny The Rock Star
Benny's Birthday Party
Benny at 7
Benny's New Sweater Vest
Winter 2011
Duct Tape In Maryland
Bubble Fun For Two
Jonny's Astronaut Training
Jonny's Birthday
Winter 2010-11
Walt Disney World 2010
Fall 2010
Law School Picnic
Apple Picking
Labor Day Weekend
Benny's Camera/Michigan Football
Summer Fun
Benny's Tooth
Anne's Wedding
Fun At The Cleveland Science Center
Goodbye Grandma, Hello Pittsburgh Zoo!
Pictures From the American Museum of Natural History
Sara's new Camera
Pictures From Maryland
Father's Day 2010
Added June 22nd
Added May 31st
Our Trip To Columbus
Added May 3rd
Benny and Jonny at Tae Kwon Do
Butterflies and Up North
Added April 20th
Meeting Russell In Ann Arbor
New York Trip
Winter Wonderland 2010
The Boys Scale Mount Snowheap
Added January 12th

From the Video Archives

 0:00 to 2:54 or so--Benny playing
 2:54 to 6:42 -- little baby Jonathan (12 weeks)
 6:42 to 8:06 -- Jonny the Jolly Jumper (5 months)
 8:06 to 9:57 -- Jonny the sicky
 9:57 to 11:30 -- Benny's 3rd birthday party
 11:30 to 15:59 -- Jonny starting to crawl
 15:59 to 17:05 -- Benny on his trike
 17:05 to 24:27 -- Jonny eats his bib and a spoon
 24:27 to 29:05 -- Benny's butterfly jamboree
 29:05 to 32:55 -- Jonny the crawler (eventually)
 32:55 to 34:09 -- Jonny loves prunes!
 34:09 to 34:34 -- Jonny plays with and gnaws on some toys
 34:34 to 34:52 -- A visit to Maryland
 34:52 to 40:53 -- Jonny plays in his spooky PJs
 40:53 to 42:29 -- Benny feeds Jonny
 42:29 to end -- Jonny plays cutely

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